No Limits Livestock Show

no limits

October 17th, 2022 at the Yamboree Livestock Grounds

The East Texas Yamboree Association and the Upshur County- Texas A & M AgriLife Extension

Office are hosting a special needs livestock show in conjunction with the many activities that

Yamboree offers, to make sure that Yamboree is truly an event for EVERYONE! 100% of your

donation would be used to provide lunches, t-shirts, and cover the cost of activities to make

this an event to remember! Donations of any amount are appreciated and important, however,

donations of $250 – $500 will have our Name/ Logo placed on a banner displayed at the event

and a list of donors on the Yamboree Facebook Page. Donations of $500 or more will have

their Name/ Logo placed on a banner displayed at the event, listed as a donor on the

Yamboree Association’s Facebook page and on the back of the t-shirts given away to

participants! Please fill out the donation information below and attach your donations made

payable to East Texas Yamboree Association. Your form and donations can be returned in

person at 106 Buffalo St, Gilmer, TX, or mailed to;

No Limits Livestock Show

C/o East Texas Yamboree Association

PO Box 1378

Gilmer, TX 75644

Thank you for your continued support of the NO LIMITS

Please show your support by displaying our poster at your business!