No Limits Livestock Show

The Yamoboree Queen at the No Limits Livestock Show

The East Texas Yamboree Association and volunteers from our community are proud to host our annual “NO LIMITS” special needs livestock show on Friday, October 11th. At this event special needs students who are enrolled in Upshur County Schools will be able to participate in events such as livestock handling and meeting the Yamboree Queen for a photo. Other activities will include yam decorating, bottle feeding calves, face painting, a petting zoo, roping, and touring emergency vehicles. All activities are provided free of charge to our participants, and each will receive lunch and souvenirs. We hope that children of all skill levels will receive the benefit of livestock showing and the comradery that comes with it. This event is funded entirely by donations from members of our community. If you would like to contribute or volunteer to what we hope will continue for many years to come, please contact Katie Nugent at 903-841-0092 or Michael Blanks, at 903-790-9379 for more information.