October  23rd, 2021 11:00AM RAIN OR SHINE




1. No horses are allowed in the East Texas Yamboree Queen's Parade.

2. No motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATV, UTVs, (any vehicle that is not street legal), or any off-road vehicles will be allowed in the parade unless being used by a parade official.

3. Deadline for all entries is September 30th, 2021.

4. Commercial floats are encouraged to enter. An award will be presented but no cash will be awarded.

5. No traffic will be allowed on Titus St. from 8:00 am Saturday until the conclusion of the parade.

6. All bands will sound-off in front of Gilmer National Bank facing Titus St., this is the official starting point of the parade.

7. 30 Antique/Classic Cars & Trucks from the Classic Car Show will be selected to participate in the Queen's Parade. They will be selected at the discretion of the Queen's Parade Chairman.

8. No entry may throw trinkets, candy, or pass out flyers, blow loud horns,flash lights, sirens (except the police and other emergency vehicles that kick off the parade) from vehicles or floats. Drill Teams may use pre-recorded music during their bandstand performance.

9. Each school will have a limited number of vehicles in the Queen's Parade. Schools that have vehicles in the Queen’s Parade will have a pass that needs to be shown to the parade official and or police officer that will allow them access to the parade entrance at Redbud and Titus St. where they will be placed in their slot. Please keep this pass on your dash as it will make for an easier transition for everyone involved.

10. Entries must travel with the contours of the parade route; weaving is frowned upon.

11. Jr. High and High School Cheerleaders are encouraged to ride in the backs of pickups cheering as they ride. They will be given one opportunity to perform at the bandstand; the routine must last no longer than 2 minutes. Longer performances will cause gaps in the parade.

12. Jr. High Bands, High School Bands, and Drill Teams will be allowed to perform once in front of the bandstand; please keep the performances under 4 minutes as longer times will cause gaps in the parade.

13. Youth Dance/Marching groups with members age 7 and under are encouraged to have them not walk the parade route but to ride on a float.

14. We are limiting the number of cars allowed in the Queen's Parade this year to keep it from getting too long time-wise. That is why we are encouraging dance groups, marching groups, family reunions, class reunions, beauty pageant winners to build floats instead of riding in vehicles. This way you can all ride together on one float instead of being spread out over a larger area of the parade route. You will also have the opportunity to compete for prizes and awards which you would not have riding in a car.

15. Float entries that were once marching groups, dance groups, family reunions, class reunions, and beauty pageant winners need to make sure and write a paragraph explaining what their float is about and send at least 2 pictures of the completed float by the September 30th, 2021 deadline.

16. All floats to be judged must be on the Gilmer National Bank parking lot by 8:00 am with everyone on their floats by 9:00 am. All other float entries must be on the lot by 10:00 am. All award winners must provide 2 people to carry their award banner during the parade.

17. School buses only on Walker St. Buses will unload on Railroad St and can park there or they can go on to the high school. All cars bringing people that are riding on floats must enter at Redbud (where the green Charity Box is) and Lawrence St. at the railroad track; we usually have a parade official or a police officer there. Please have your parking pass handy. Parking is allowed on the north side of the float barns.

18. Parade Route – The Gilmer Police kick-off the parade at 11:00 am sharp rain or shine on Titus St. All entries must follow the police thru the entire parade route except for the Queen's Float. The parade route will be as follows; left on Jefferson St., right on Simpson, right on Hwy. 154, and right on Trinity St., The Queen's float will pull aside to a space reserved for her in front of Quickfish Apparel to watch the parade. The rest will continue on Trinity St. until it ends at Walnut St. and go left on Walnut then go an additional 50 ft. and turn right onto Railroad St. behind the Concrete Plant. Railroad St. leads back to the float barns.

19. The tractors will need to be in place on the vacant lot behind Derek Moore's office by 10:00 am to be slotted into the parade. Tractors are not required to have entry passes for Redbud St.

20. Do not walk back thru the parade route once you have finished with the parade. This will only cause problems for the officials.

21. Please leave your banner on your float so that the parade officials may pick them up later.

22. For over 68 years we have had the rule that we have lived by in the East Texas Yamboree Queen's Parade that the tallest person standing on any float is our present reigning Queen. There is no exception to this rule. Floats may have decorations that are taller but the Lady's-in-Waiting must stand lower than our Queen; this is our tradition and it must be honored. You have questions on how high the Queen's Float Podium is, by all means, please take the time to measure it and adjust where your Lady-in-Waiting will be standing in accordance with the Queen. Measure the doors of the float barns to make sure that floats can easily exit the buildings(taking ornaments off or letting air out of tires to get out of the float barns is frowned upon) so that adjustments will not need to be made while judging is taking place. This will hurt your overall score.

23. The Parade Chairman has the final say on all entries in the East Texas Yamboree Saturday Queen’s Parade.