Queen Audrey Scott Nolan
A display of pumpkins and squash at a farmers' market.
A woman in a red dress on stage with a tiara.
A woman in a white dress on stage with a tiara.
Three people posing in front of hay bales.
A woman playing a guitar in front of a microphone.
Audrey Scott Nolan being coronated as the 2019 Yamboree Queen
Two people in cowboy hats riding in a horse drawn carriage.
2021 Yamboree Queen Hannah Jean Henson
East texas yamboree.
A pink car in a parade.
A bride and groom walk down the runway at a wedding.
A pool with a sign that says yamboree.
A group of people standing in front of a barn at dusk.
A group of people riding in a horse drawn carriage.
A woman wearing a crown and gown walks down an aisle.
2018 Yamboree Queen Brinkley Grace Rash 4
A queen wearing blue dress and a crown smiling at the camera
A girl wearing a crown standing in between the crowd
Brinkley Grace Rash being coronated as the 2018 Yamboree Queen
A group of military men carrying a banner.
A crowned woman in a gown at a pageant.
Four people at a 2022 Yamboeree event.


87th Yamboree President Brett Williams with 86th Yamboree Queen Addison Jayne Young and Queen-Elect Katie Ella Henson and Princess Taylor Campbell and the rest of her court.


87th President Brett Williams Picture and Biography added

87th Yamboree club candidates pictures and biographies added

87th  Annual East Texas Yamboree Queens Race Has Started

The 87th East Texas Yamboree is proud to present our featured headliner for this year's Barn Dance our own Country Music Legend; Pat Green.

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Pat Green has firmly established himself as a Texas legend with his evocative blend of traditional and modern country music. He started his musical career playing at local bars while attending Texas Tech University, quickly capturing the hearts of listeners with his authentic sound and heartfelt storytelling. His debut album, Dancehall Dreamer, released in 1995, marked the beginning of a celebrated journey that would deeply embed him in the fabric of Texas music culture. Pat Green’s influence in Texas country music is underscored by a career that spans over two decades, with albums like Three Days and the gold-certified Wave on Wave capturing the essence of Texas life and propelling him to national acclaim. These albums have not only brought critical acclaim but also resonated broadly, leading to three Grammy nominations and a consistent presence on the Billboard country charts. Green now sits with over 2 million albums sold and over 200 million career streams. Known for his profound Texas pride, Green’s songs often explore themes deeply rooted in Texas culture, reflecting his own experiences and the lives of those around him. His 13 #1’s at Texas Radio, collaborations with fellow Texan artists, including Lyle Lovett and Willie Nelson, and selling out the Houston Astrodome have further solidified his legacy as a cornerstone of Texas music.

Adding to his storied career, Pat Green just released a new song titled "Elvis in Memphis," which promises to enchant listeners with its rich narrative and melodious charm. Alongside his creative endeavors, Green continues to tour extensively across the United States, bringing his iconic music to fans old and new.

Beyond his music, Pat Green is a dedicated philanthropist, actively supporting music education and advocating for “underdog” charities through the Pat Green Foundation. His enduring contributions to his community and his ability to resonate with fans through his music have cemented his status as a beloved figure and a true Texas legend.

Shows and Activities for the Entire Family

The East Texas Yamboree is a big family event where there is something for everyone to enjoy:

  • Barn Dance - Main Attraction Pat Green
  • Concerts (With Opening Acts and a Headline Band)
  • Livestock and Ag Mechanics Show
  • Photography Activities
  • Queen’s Coronation
  • The Queen’s Race (a Contest Where the Queen Is Determined)
  • Gospel Stage with the areas best in Gospel Music
  • Carnival and Midway Excitment on the County Square
  • Parades on Friday and Saturday for the Whole Family to Enjoy


Don’t miss out on any updates or announcements! Click the link to see how our team is preparing for The East Texas Yamboree.

If you have more inquiries, feel free to contact our team in Gilmer, TX.

Images provided by photos by Ruel.