East Texas Yamboree Association(ETYA) Bandstand Rental

ETYA Bandstand Executive Chairperson(s) – Randy Hill & Michael Blanks

Rules & Fees

  • The request must be writing and submitted to the Director of the Gilmer Area Chamber of Commerce, or to an ETYA Executive Chairperson.
  • Complete the following forms; the Bandstand Use Request Form and the Equipment Loan Agreement.
  • The $300.00 rental fee must be made in full seven (7) days prior to the event. To use the lighting, an additional $100.00 rental fee is required. Payment may be made in cash, money order, or cashier’s check. No credit cards are accepted at this time. Payments will only be accepted at the Gilmer Area Chamber of Commerce 106 Buffalo St. Gilmer, TX 75644.
  • Person(s) requesting the use must provide the ETYA Bandstand Committee a copy of all necessary permits (city, county, and/or state) and permissions (private party/business entity) associated with the location of the request.
  • The Bandstand committee will be responsible for moving the ETYA Bandstand.
  • The Bandstand Committee shall approve or reject all Bandstand use requests.

Bandstand Loan Agreement