Yamboree Board of Directors’ Scholarship Information

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The application must be typewritten or printed in black in
Return application to the Yamboree Office by March 17, 2022
PO Box 1378/106 Buffalo, Gilmer, TX 75644
office@yamboree.com 903-843-3759


The Annual Yamboree Scholarships will be presented to Upshur County high school graduates this year by the East Texas Yamboree Association.

  1. Applicant must complete all pages and questions of application form.
  2. A photograph must be attached to the application form when submitted. Photo should be appropriate for publishing, have a simple background, and not be full body. Photos may also be emailed to office@yamboree.com
  3. Applicant must attach an official transcript of his/her high school record.
  4. Applicant must write an essay (no more than two pages maximum) discussing the following topics:
    a. Why you are applying for this scholarship.
    b. Specific reasons you need financial aid.
    c. Why you selected your major and what career you plan to follow.
    d. How you have participated in the Yamboree activities.
    e. Any other important information you would like the committee to know about you.
  5. Principle criteria upon which this award will be made are:
    a. Scholastic record
    b. Leadership ability
    c. Extra-curricular activities and community service
    d. Essay
  6. This scholarship is available to students who attend a school that has one or more campuses in Upshur County, and has met all requirements of graduation from the school in which they attend.
  7. The student must have participated in the East Texas Yamboree for a minimum of three years.
  8. The recipient is required to carry a minimum of twelve semester hours each semester. Upon receipt of the student’s admission record, a check in the amount of the award will be mailed directly to the college/university the student will be attending, with a copy of the letter sent to the student.
  9. The scholarship will be presented to the seniors at his/her high school awards/scholarship ceremony.
  10. A personal biography of 100 words or less (written in third person), MUST also be attached to your application. The biography will be used for the scholarship announcement in the Yamboree book and Newspaper. No changes will be made to this bio, you must submit as you want printed in media. This can be emailed to office@yamboree.com
    Scholarship applications will not be considered if instructions are not followed